Other Sexologists in Amsterdam

When your chose not to use the services of the Sexology Center Amsterdam, perhaps one of my other colleagues sexologist can offer the help you are looking for. Here is an address list of other sexologists working in Amsterdam.

For more, outside of Amsterdam, please have a look at: http://www.nvvs.info


There are different types of sexologist: those mentioned here have different backgrounds as psychologist, psychotherapist, or doctors as GP, psychiatrist, urologist and gynecologist. Most of them are registered at the board of the NVVS and working as an independent sexologist in a private clinic.


Independent private clinics, outside hospitals

  • Most of these clinics time have short waiting lists.
  • Referral can be done by your own GP, but is not (always) required.


Mr. drs. C.J.M. Janssen

Practice: PS praktijk seksuologie
Address: WG plein 172, 1053 KR Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6895070
Website: http://www.seksuologen.nl
Profession: psychologist


Mrs. drs. D.J. Duyvis

Practice: Duyvis
Address: W.G. Plein 512, 1054 SJ Amsterdam
Tel: 020-4715272
Profession: psychologist
Specialty: GZ-Psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Psychotherapist


Mrs. drs. JM Lekskes

Practice: Seksuologiepraktijk Nieuw-Sloten
Address: Hebridenlaan 27, 1060LS Amsterdam
Tel: 06-33089709
Website: http://www.seksuologiepraktijk-nieuwsloten.nl
Profession: psychologist


Mrs. drs. M.S. Kuijt

Practice: AmsterdamSeksuoloog
Address: Camperstraat 1-A Hs
Tel: 1091AD Amsterdam
Website: http://www.amsterdamseksuoloog.nl
Profession: doctor
Medical specialty: GP


Mr. drs. V.W. Moritz

Practice: Volker Moritz
Address: Tweede Schinkelstraat 31-A, 1075TP Amsterdam
Tel: 06-40719271
Website: http://www.volkermoritz.com
Profession: psychologist


Mrs. drs. M.J. Reichling

Practice: Psychologenpraktijk Amsterdam Centrum
Address: Keizersgracht 106, 1015 CV Amsterdam
Tel: 06 - 53731175
Website: https://psycholoog-amsterdam-centrum.praktijkinfo.nl
Profession: psychologist


Mrs. drs. E.M.P. Rossmark

Practice: ACSG-seksuologen
Address: WGplein 350, 1054 SG Amsterdam
Tel: 0642167635
Website: http://www.acsg-seksuologen.nl
Profession: psychologist
Specialty: GZ-Psychologist, Psychotherapist


Mrs. drs. A.C. Schade

Practice: Praktijk Seksuologie Schade
Address: WGplein 350, 1054 SG Amsterdam
Tel: 020-2157010
Website: https://praktijkseksuologieschade.nl
Profession: psychologist


Mr. drs. B. Ruesink

Practice: Praktijk Ruesink
Address: Slotermeerlaan 69 E3, 1064 HA Amsterdam
Tel: 06 1093766
Website: http://praktijkruesink.amsterdam
Profession: doctor
Medical specialty: Psychiatrist; hiv en homosexuality


Mrs. drs. L.N.E. Stam

Practice: Liesbeth Stam
Address: Oudezijdsvoorburgwal 115, 1012 EN Amsterdam
Tel: 06-14375140
Profession: psychologist
Specialty: GZ-Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Coaching-Training-Mediation


Mrs. drs. J.M.M Termeer

Practice: Seksuologiepraktijktermeer
Address: Visseringstraat 51, 1051 MG Amsterdam
Tel: 06-15259747
Website: http://www.seksuologiepraktijktermeer.nl
Profession: psychologist and midwife


Social workers – sexologist –NVVS  

Mrs. M.I.I.P. Schopman

Practice: Schopman
Address: Lauriergracht 82, 1016 RM Amsterdam
Tel: 020 622 15 20
Profession: Social worker


Mrs. V.E. Steenhart

Practice: Hartszaken
Address: Nieuwendammerdijk 32, 1025 LN Amsterdam
Tel: 020 4941342
Website: http://www.hartszaken.nl  &  http://www.hartszaken.es
Profession: Social worker and psychologist
Specialty: Relation-intensives in Spain, partner therapy, workshops & coaching  


Mr. drs. R. Steinberger

Practice: Living-History
Address: Visseringstraat 51, 1051 MG Amsterdam
Tel: 06 28 80 45 92
Website: http://www.living-history.nl
Profession: Social worker
Specialty: Psychotherapist


Sexology department in a hospital // Waiting list is long, sometimes over 1 year

  • Referral from your GP is required or you can be referred by a specialist who is working in the same hospital
  • And you should suffer from a disease what is related with your sexual complaints.


VU Medisch Centrum Amsterdam (VUMC)

Gender issues / transsexuality

Mr. dr. L. Gijs

Practice: Genderteam, Medical Psychology  department V.U.
Address: De Boelelaan 1118, 1081 HZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020 444 25 50
Profession: psychologist
Specialty: GZ-Psychologist


Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG / WEST)

Mrs. drs. B.R. van Moorst

Practice: OLVG West
Address: Jan Tooropstr 164, 1061 AE Amsterdam
Tel: 020-5108888
Profession: psychologist
Specialty: GZ-Psychologist, Psychotherapist


Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG / OOST)

Mr. drs. J.C.P.J. Knobel

Practice: OLVG-Oost
Address: Oosterpark 9, 1091 AC Amsterdam
Tel: 020-5993043
Website: https://www.olvg.nl
Profession: psychologist
Specialisme: GZ-Psycholoog


Academisch Medisch Centrum (AMC)

Mr. dr. H.W. van Lunsen

Practice: AMC
Address: Meibergdreef 9
H4-168, 1105 AZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020-5664456
Profession: doctor


Mrs. drs. C.M. Salvatore

Practice: AMC
Address: Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020 566 91 11
Profession: doctor
Medical specialty: Gynecologist


Mr drs. L.S. Oey

Practice: Women’s Healthcare Center
Address: Van Boshuizenstraat 687, 1082 AZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6388944
Website: http://www.womenshealthcarecenter.nl
Profession: doctor
Medical specialty: Gynecologist


Not registered at the board of the NVVS

Mr. drs. B. Fels

Practice: Fels
Only for gender issues/transsexuality
Address: Haarlemmerplein 48-A, 1013HS Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6825978
Profession: psychologist
Specialty: GZ-Psychologist, Psychotherapist


Mr. drs. P.H. van Ham

Practice: Van Ham
Address: M.J. Kosterstraat 13 Sous, 1017VX Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6388944
Profession: doctor
Medical specialty: Psychiatrist; hiv en homosexuality



Practice: PsyQ
Address: Overschiestraat 61, 1062 XD Amsterdam
Tel: 088 357 36 50
Website: https://www.psyq.nl/seksuologie
Profession: psychologists
Specialty: PsyQ offers specialized second-line psychological treatment


Mr. Prof. Dr. E.J.H Meuleman

Practice: Polikliniek Urologie VUMC
Address: De Boelelaan 1118, 1081 HZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020-4441103
Profession: doctor
Medical specialty:  Urologist


Mr. Dr. Y. Reisman

Practice: Polikliniek Urologie Ziekenhuis Amstelveen
Address: Laan ven de Helende Meesters 8, 1186 AM Amstelveen
Tel: 020-7557038
Website: https://www.ziekenhuisamstelland.nl/nl
Profession: doctor
Medical specialty:  Urologist


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