Request for medication and refills

Sometimes a sexual problem needs medication. If so, treatment will be initiated by the doctor-sexologist. When there is effective response, further needed refills can be obtained from the own general practitioner office, when follow-up care is no longer required at the Sexology Center. Renewal of prescription will be only provided if the original start has been made in the Sexology Center. Take into consideration; it can never be about ‘emergency’ medication.

Sexology questions?

A sexologist will try, together with the client(s), to make clear what the exact problem is and then, in consultation with the client(s), arrive at a solution.
This sometimes concerns only very practical questions, when it mainly affects the physical aspect, like having sex after having had a severe accident or major operation. At other times it concerns a more personal matter, where social or relational problems play a part.

Health insurance

Health insurance coverage sexology 2017 

Dutch Basic Healthcare Insurances do not cover anymore sexology. Payment for sexology problems by the healthcare insurance companies has been stopped as part of the Basic Healthcare, starting in 2014, on behalf of new rules demanded by the Health Minister, Mrs. E. Schippers. Her idea is that such problems have to be considered as private matters and you have to pay for it yourself. 

There are only a few exceptions. The Basic Healthcare Insurance should cover sexology if the following matters are the case: