Request for medication and refills

Sometimes a sexual problem needs medication. If so, treatment will be initiated by the doctor-sexologist. When there is effective response, further needed refills can be obtained from the own general practitioner office, when follow-up care is no longer required at the Sexology Center. Renewal of prescription will be only provided if the original start has been made in the Sexology Center. Take into consideration; it can never be about ‘emergency’ medication.

Refills called in before 12 a.m. you might collect by 16 p.m. the same working day at your pharmacy. All refills called in after 12 a.m. will be ready by 16 p.m. the next working day. Don’t forget to detail the name etc. of your preferred pharmacist on the repeat prescription form.

Ordering will only be honored if the medication is be initiating by the sexologist at the Sexology Center Amsterdam and you are still in care at the Center.

Exceptions for ordering necessary prescriptions, needed for sexual treatment, will only be made when there are strong reservations against follow-up by the own general practitioner.