A.M. Heijnen
A.M. (Adrie) Heijnen
Sexologist-therapist NVVS and Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)



I'm a General Practitioner (GP) and specialist in sexology. Officially registered at the board of the Dutch Society of Sexology, www.nvvs.info.

For this I received a two-year training (2006-2008) with RINO in Amsterdam. Since then I have specific office-hours that are also accessible for clients who are registered with another GP. A referral from the own GP is preferred, but not necessary. Since January 2014 health-insurances companies do not cover sexology anymore.

I'm also specialized in HIV and STDs and everything there's to know about safe sex. I'm also a certified Gestalt-therapist (trained by Kristallijn, Amsterdam) and often use this method of working during therapy.

Working method

I try to determine the problem(s) during one or two interviews and subsequently evaluate whether or not this is the right place for you to be.

If so, my proposition about treatment and/or investigation (examination) will follow.

When I think you might be better off with someone else, like a psychologist who is specialized in couple therapy or psychotherapy, I will advise you to make an appointment with him or her.

In addition, sexual problems sometimes require multidisciplinary cooperation. This might concern urologists, gynecologists, rehabilitation specialists, psychiatrists that have a specific eye for sexual matters. I also work together with pelvic floor-physiotherapy, haptonomy and hypnotherapy. If necessary I will take care that a proper referral will be effected.