Sexology questions?

A sexologist will try, together with the client(s), to make clear what the exact problem is and then, in consultation with the client(s), arrive at a solution.
This sometimes concerns only very practical questions, when it mainly affects the physical aspect, like having sex after having had a severe accident or major operation. At other times it concerns a more personal matter, where social or relational problems play a part.
A sexologist is especially trained to keep an open eye, watching and listening with an open mind without any prejudice, and to answer questions concerning dissatisfaction and problems concerning sexuality and sexual experiences.
There are several kinds of sexologists. Among sex therapists you'll find doctor-sexologist and psychologist-sexologist. Besides these sexologists, there are others who specialize mainly in information or research.

You may consult me about the following matters:
• Premature ejaculation
• Little or no libido (sexual urge) (sexual drive)
• Excessive sexual drive/sexual addiction
• Erectile dysfunction/erection pills (PDE5 inhibitors)
• Painful sexual intercourse
• Safe sex
• Normality
• Advice on self-insemination
• Orgasmic dysfunction (experiencing problems or not being able to come)
• Differences in sexual wishes/preferences between partners
• Problems with transvestism/transgenderism and trans sexuality (gender-issues)
• Problems with sexual preferences/fetishism
• Sexual strain that leads to relational problems & problems to express or feel one's sexuality
• Problems with sex and aging
• Questions/problems about sexual orientation (homo-/bisexuality)
• Sex and diseases and the effects on your sexual experience (your sex-life)