Consulting fee rates Sexology Center Amsterdam


Consulting fee rates sexology 2017
Consultation options^^^  Standard prices ***         Fee reduction ###
Individual therapy                 €  85, = €   70,=
Couple therapy                €  95, = €   85,=
Intake (90 min) € 120,= € 100,=

5 sessions (individual) including intake  $$ 

€ 350,= € 300,=

5 sessions (couple) including intake   $$

€ 375,= € 325,=


Duration per session: 50 minutes.

An introductory (video)conversation is possible for 15 minutes, free of charge.

To solve sexual problems it takes most of the time ± 5 sessions. If it's useful in your case, there is this offer to go for 5 sessions. A decision for this agreement will be made after the intake. Payment takes place in advance at the first session.

Payment, either in cash or pin, after each session. A PIN machine is available at the Sexology Center Amsterdam.

You are kindly requested to cancel your appointment in time when you are unable to attend, at least one day in advance.

No-shows without cancellation will be charged the full amount.

The doctor-sexologist cannot be responsible for failure to obtain reimbursement, even if the "exceptions" are involved. This is the patient’s responsibility.


^^^   The payment will be equal for video consultation or face to face consultation in the office.

***   If you live outside Amsterdam, and you have a Dutch health-insurance, the fee can be adjust to the fee for a visit as an outpatient in the GP clinic.

###  Fee reduction: Obtainable for students and patients with limited cash, if it’s not covered by the insurance company. When reimbursement is the case then you will be fined with the standard consulting fee.

$$     The offer of 5 sessions with fee discount is only for those who can’t obtain for reimbursement from their health insurance company.


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